Joining FAQ(s)

Sr. No.QuestionsAnswers
1If my name is different in two documents then what should I do in this case for final joining?In case of dicrepancy in your documents you are suggested to be ready with affidavit.Further you are advised to make required correction.
2I have been selected finally & I don?t have a PAN card, can I join?No, It is mandatory to have PAN card otherwise joining will not be considered.
3What will be my job timing after final joining?It will be based on your employment nature .
4After the joining, how much will my salary be? How can I know before joining?Before joining it will be discussed with you & you will received offer letter for the same.After your acceptance only joining will be processed hence before joining only you will be well aware about your salary.
5I have received a call from HR to join the location and I also received a agreement letter on my mail id but not get any joining letter ?You are suggested to provide your acceptance so that Letter of first reporting may be sent.
6Previously I had received a call from authority to join RBL branch but at that time I am unable to join due to some personal issue , can you confirm when will I get joining location again ?It is based on requirement hence it can be told in advance once requirement is generated you will be contacted for the same.