Training FAQ(s)

Sr. No.QuestionsAnswers
1Is there any training after joining or we are finally selected now ?In case of Officer/Faculty there is a provision of on job training (OJT). In case of any changes in system/department/Job profile training will be necessary.
2After selection, in how many days we will get the offer letter or joining ?It is basically depends on location vacancy or your obtained marks during final screening.(In case of more than one candidate for same subject for same location).
3Did we get any accommodation during training ?No, we are not providing any accommodation during training. We provide tea and lunch only.
4I had completed my training and got selected in finals but still I didn't receive any joining confimation. For how many days will my candidature be valid?It will be valid till 90 days from the final selection date.
5I got a message for training (FOCP/AOCP/TOCP) but I can't attend from first day, can I join my training on next day?No, you can't participate in the training as whole day training is mandatory.
6I got a message for training (FOCP/AOCP/TOCP) but I can't attend my training, Can I attend my training further?Yes, you can participate in next scheduled training. For this you will be informed by HR department only once and again if you failed to attend the training then you have to follow the whole process again (Start from the begining).
7I got information about my training program, but I could not join. Do I have to give an interview againIf you want to give Interview then ofcourse you can but it not mandatory to give interview again, you will be informed by HR department for next scheduled training.
8I completed the first interview round and I cleared my first round, when I will be called for training?Training related information is already given through vancacy notification. If there is any changes in the scheduled training time then you will be informed through messages. You are also requested to call on toll free number for confirmation.
9I applied for the post of faculty. Today I received a message for training that has been schedule in Lucknow but now I am in Delhi. Can I give training in Delhi location?Yes, if training is scheduled in Delhi location at the same time after taking prior approval from HR department.
10My first interview was cleared after that I also completed the training, but in the final interview I was rejected and I have applied again for same post, should I have to complete training again?Yes, the whole process is mandatory.
11I am selected for the training, so can I get some advance?No, we are not providing any advance facility.
12I got message for training schedule but I don't know what is the CTC of my profile?In the vacancy notification it is already mentioned about CTC as per grade/post applied for.
13Is there any medical treatment / facility available during the training session if required?Yes, we will provide but after the treatment medical expense will be bourne by the candidate itself.
14During the training programme what should I have to bring ? You are requested to bring your subject related materials including pen and Notebook.
15I am a female candidate and I am selected for training programme so can I come with guardian during the training programme?Yes, you can but all the expenses will be bourne by yourselves only.
16I am coming for training and unfortunately I got an accident, can I get any compensation/medical treatment?No, we are not providing any compensation/medical treatment.
17I received a message for training schedule what document have to carry ?All academic documents, address proof, ID proof and Bank details (two sets of each with self attested ) and six recent colour passport size photographs.
18Is there any dresscode for/during training session?No, but you are suggested to come only in formals.
19My training has been scheduled from monday for 3 days , and on tuesday my competative exam also schedule, can 1 day relaxation will be consider in between scheduled training ?Not permitted to leave training programme in between scheduled timmings.
20I received a message for the training round which is scheduled in Lucknow but I have never come to Lucknow. Can you guide me that how can I get accommodation ?You are suggested to take help from accomodation related apps like OYO, Makemytrip, etc. We are not providing any accommodation.
21I don't want to continue in training round due to my busy schedule can I attend training only on last day ?No, not allowed.